Backend/Fullstack developer

Backend/Fullstack developer

Yrke: Backend-utvecklare
Arbetsgivare: Spotin AB
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2021-10-03
Publiceringsdatum: 2021-09-03


Arbetslivserfarenhet: Backend-utvecklare
Språk: Engelska


We're building the next level of e-commerce...

Do you want to work with backend or full stack development for web and apps? Do you have a great passion for programming? Your knowledge is important, but we also place great emphasis on your personality and attitude as we are looking for both senior and junior developers to expand our development team at Spotin AB (Limited Company).

About Spotin AB

Spotin AB is a Swedish company that develops the e-commerce of the future. With a self-developed platform (Spotin), we have made it possible for brands to distribute their sales online to any site or app. As a consumer, you can therefore buy a product directly within an image or video without the use of links...

Spotin AB is headquartered in the north part of Sweden, Luleå - where we have our developmentteam, while marketing and sales are located in Stockholm

On the customer list you will find Nordic media houses such as Egmont Publishing with the publications Café and KING but also a number of well-known brands in various industries. We are growing at a fast pace with new customers joining and the goal is to build a new segment for e-commerce globally.

With us at Spotin you get:

• The opportunity to play a major role in the core of an innovative company

• Flexible working hours where you get the opportunity to control your own work situation

• A workplace that values ​​and lives according to the “Work-life balance”

• The the opportunity to live close to nature and the archipelago environment and at the same time change your quality of life - moving up to north part of Sweden

In addition to this, you will belong to a group with a high pace where you get the opportunity to grow in your role by deepening and further developing your technical knowledge in the areas that you are passionate about as a developer; and / or by working with project management and customer responsibility.

Role description

As a backend/fullstack-developer at Spotin, you will work with some very talented senior fullstack developers to further develop our backend and Spotin's API (RESTful). You will be a contributing party in technology and architecture selection for a large, and growing, application together with our CTO. You will work with open web standards and towards a well-defined and well-structured internal API, as well as use our selfdeveloped backend framework.

In your role, you will have a close dialogue with fullstack developers, frontend developers and graphic designers in Spotin's development team.

With an agile way of working, you have great freedom in shaping issues and planning your work

We are looking for you that:

• Has at least two years' experience of backend development

• Has knowledge in integrations

• Has good knowledge of PHP7, MySQL, Linux / Unix (MacOS)

• Has knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS

• Speaks and writes well in English because it is the language we use internally within the company

Experience of any of the following is also meritorious:

• Git

• Agil-development


• Kubernetes

• Docker

• Build tools (Web pack)

• E-commerce platforms: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, EPI Server, SAP, Centra, Litium.

Other information:

Start: Immediately (taking into account any notice period)

Scope: Full-time, with flexible working hours

Location: Central Luleå - so get ready to meet the midnight sun during the endless summer nights and the magical northern lights during the white snow-covered months of the year