UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

Annons: 25265675
Yrke: Designer
Arbetsgivare: Spotin AB
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2021-11-28
Publiceringsdatum: 2021-10-29


We are looking for a UI/UX designer to be part of building the next generation e-commerce solutions

Spotin is a tech company trailblazing a new generation of E-commerce: Content Commerce. We enable new and unique possibilities in the intersection between brands, publishers and people. We make it possible to buy anything directly from any type of content and on any type of platform.

We are looking for someone who likes to take matters into hers or his own hands, and would like to be part of a growing core team aiming to set a new standard for e-commerce. You’ll make e-commerce much better and accessible than today, and while doing so making the online market fairer, open and democratic.

You will be working both on a strategic level and hands on with user experience, design direction, sketching and prototyping across the Spotin service and be responsible for the overall product design from a UI/UX perspective. In the role you will work closely with our Creative Director, the frontend and fullstack developers as well as all other team members.

At Spotin you will:

Design UX and UI for our services platform

Design UX and UI for our own platform

Design UX and UI of spotin.com

Be a part of and help shape the culture of Spotin

Build the team and recruit exceptional talents

Work closely with management, marketing and development

Support the work of building the Spotin brand

Shape your own role to the organisational needs that you see

Preferably you:

Know your way around the industry

You have strong expertise in UI & UX Design for digital products

You have an eye for detail and can express ideas through world-class visuals

Passion for design, digital products, and preferably branding

Ability to think through and outline complex interaction design

Have experience with common industry tools, e.g. Sketch/Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop

Know of constraints and possibilities with CSS/SASS

Speak English and/or Swedish

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