Lead Developer Spotin

Lead Developer Spotin [OBS denna annons har utgått]

Annons: 25265691
Yrke: Backend-utvecklare
Arbetsgivare: Spotin AB
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2021-11-28
Publiceringsdatum: 2021-10-29


Arbetslivserfarenhet: Backend-utvecklare
Kompetens: JavaScript, programmeringsspråk; PHP, programmeringsspråk; MySQL, databashanterare; HTML, programmeringsspråk; CSS, programmeringsspråk; Client, programmering/Server, programmering


Lead Developer

About Spotin

Spotin AB is a technology-oriented company that are pushing the boundaries of how, what and where online sales are going to be in the future. We’re the new type of commerce.

Our main development office and headquarter is in Luleå in the north of Sweden. The marketing and sales office is located at the heart of Stockholm (Stureplan). A second development office has also been opened in Dhaka Bangladesh during 2021. The coming year we are scaling the organization further on all locations to meet the high customer demand. All our offices are centrally located, close to public communication and services.

We are always looking for skilled and passionate senior developers as well as talented and enthusiastic junior developers that are eager to learn. The Spotin team is an international team with colleagues from many different countries. Work-language is English or Swedish. All internal documentation is made in English.

At Spotin we are working with well-known brands and content makers (both smaller companies and globally recognized) and have a range of services and applications that we provide to our customers. We’re continuously finding and developing new ideas and solutions that can impact the online market, content and user behavior on a global scale.

About this Position

As a Lead Developer at Spotin we want you to have more than 10 years of relevant experience that enable you to contribute to the development of the Spotin software stack. We want to you to be a hands-on leader and a problem solver that can manage a multinational team of skilled developers. The team includes developers working on site as well as remotely.

In this position you will have the overall responsibility for Spotin’s architecture, full software stack, proprietary frontend and backend frameworks, services and functionality, code refactoring, and feature development based on the strategic needs of the business. In this role you will also support the continuous improvement of the development processes for the team.

In your day to day work you will interact with all members of the development team. Daily scrum meetings are carried out every morning by the Agile Project Leader who will have a shared responsibility with the Development Lead to drive the development to set goals.

Reporting is made directly to the CEO and you will communicate closely with the Integration Lead who is responsible for the parts of the stack that is interacting with external parties (i.e. customers and collaborations).

With Spotin you will be a part of a successful and experienced team that thrive with taking responsibility for their own work.

Our organization is expanding rapidly and will grow a lot the coming year, both within Sweden and internationally. With this position you will a central part of this journey together with us.

Technical Qualifications:

- Frontend and backend development

- PHP 7-8

- Javascript, JQuery, JSON, HTML5, CSS3


- RESTful API:s

- Integrations

- Docker

- Git

- Model View Controller (MVC) architecture

- Test Driven Development (TDD)

- Build Tools (e.g. webpack)

- Google Cloud Platform / Kubernetes

- Unix/Linux (development within MacOs, Windows or Linux possible)

Also meriting:

- E-commerce platforms, e.g:

- WooCommerce

- Magento (1 & 2)

- Salesforce Commerce Cloud/Demandware

- Shopify

- Jetshop

- Episerver

- Business systems: e.g. Pebblestone/Navision

- Affiliate networks

- Ad-tech

- Online payment solutions

- Nginx server

- Webb-security

- Node

- React, Angular, Vue framework



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