Sales Agent / Customer Relations Represent to Luleå Travel

Sales Agent / Customer Relations Represent to Luleå Travel

Annons: 26245003
Yrke: Resesäljare/Reseförsäljare/Resekonsulent
Arbetsgivare: Luleå Travel AB
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2022-08-21
Publiceringsdatum: 2022-06-21


Arbetslivserfarenhet: Resesäljare/Reseförsäljare/Resekonsulent
Språk: Engelska
Kompetens: Gruppreseförsäljning/Konferensreseförsäljning; Bokföringsvana; Digital marknadsföring/Onlinemarknadsföring


Luleå Travel is a travel agency and tour operator located in Luleå - Swedish Lapland. We offer attractive winter and summer programs presenting the highlights of Swedish Lapland: a magical, pristine landscape where you can steer sledges pulled by willing huskies, travel with snow shoes through forests, kayak in the Bothnian Gulf between the skerries of the Luleå archipelago, and sleep in a hotel carved from ice or in a wooden nest high in a tree. We aim to reach deep into the vast Arctic expanse: illuminated during winter by one of the world's most incredible natural phenomena, the Northern Lights, and during summer by the never-setting Arctic midnight sun. Read more about our trips and activities at:

Luleå Travel is currently expanding the office team, specifically in sales/customer relations. A new position will focus on sales specifically aimed toward the European market. Fluency in English is required and additional literacy in other languages is highly desirable. Daily tasks include handling incoming emails regarding booking requests. You will follow each booking from first contact until the guest(s) arrive in Luleå, including designing their full holiday package, booking their guide(s), and preparing the final invoice. In addition, you will keep track of Luleå Travels daily bookkeeping and simpler accountancy tasks. Finally, you will be responsible for creating and publishing content on all our social media platforms, to grow an audience, build brand awareness and ultimately boosts sales.

In a perfect world you are well-organised, highly structured, enjoy tracking our daily activities and bookkeeping. You have a background in sales, are confident in e-marketing and love the outdoors. Interacting with guests and potential guests via email, social media, and on arrival/departure is natural for you and goes with ease.


1) excellent social skills

2) a great interest in nature

3) Swedish background &/or excellent local knowledge

4) confident in sales

5) passionate about customer service

6) basic knowledge of economics for small businesses’

7) capable of handling daily bookkeeping

8) competency in using social media (Facebook, Instagram, other)

9) experienced with e-marketing (Google, Facebook)

10) previous experience with FORTNOX or similar program(s)

We are looking forward to receiving your application and specifically encourage mature candidates to apply. The announced position is on a yearly base full time however, workload is higher during winter than summer. Working hours are flexible and depend on your availability.

How to apply?

Contact us at or give Cecilia a call at +46 70 620 1901. Our recruiting process is open so please don’t hesitate to send us your CV and a personal letter today!

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