Master Thesis: Reverse engineering the surface topography of as-cast produc

Master Thesis: Reverse engineering the surface topography of as-cast produc [OBS denna annons har utgått]

Annons: 26683925
Yrke: Civilingenjör, kvalitet, metallurgi
Arbetsgivare: Swerim AB
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2022-11-30
Publiceringsdatum: 2022-10-19


The research institute Swerim provides applied research within mining engineering, process metallurgy and materials and manufacturing engineering, mainly for the mining, steel and metals industry. Swerim has 190 co-workers in two locations in Sweden - Luleå and Stockholm.

Project description
Surface quality is a crucial parameter for continuous casting, but its yield can be substantially reduced due to the occurrence and severity of defects. The current industrial practice to detect defects requires visual inspection. As an alternative, Swerim has developed and implemented a blue laser scanner to capture the surface topography of as-cast products.
Th present Master’s project seeks to analyse and reconstruct the scanned slab surfaces into CAD models while identifying critical surface deviations/defects to “reverse engineer” the source of defects in the final as-cast products.
This project requires a good coding knowledge (C, C++) with processing of cloud point data. Knowledge about Continuous casting process is a merit; plant visits and trials are part of the work. The project involves interaction with an experienced team of technicians, researchers, and process engineers from the industry.

Project timeline

Further information
The master thesis (30hp) should be a part of an education at a Swedish university. Swerim rewards the student with 50 000 SEK for an approved master thesis.  

* Starting date: January 9, 2023
* Location: Luleå

For further information about project, please contact: 
Sailesh Kesavan, or Pavel E. Ramirez Lopez,

Apply by using the application function below. You will receive a confirmation that Swerim has received your application. Please note that we fill the thesis as soon as we find a suitable applicant, which means we can fill the position before the deadline.