Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer

Annons: 28039689
Yrke: Civilingenjör, konstruktion, maskin
Arbetsgivare: H2 Green Steel
Arbetets ort: Boden, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2024-03-01
Publiceringsdatum: 2023-09-13


Arbetslivserfarenhet: Civilingenjör, konstruktion, maskin


About us:

H2 Green Steel is on a mission to disrupt the global steel industry by producing green steel, with the end goal of bringing down CO2 emissions to zero. By using green hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coal; water and heat will be our primary emissions. By 2030, our ambition is to produce 5 million tonnes of green steel annually in our fully integrated, digitalized, and sustainable plant in Boden, located in northern Sweden - currently in construction phase. But this is just the beginning - our expertise in green hydrogen will enable us to decarbonize other industries in addition to steel, and we look forward to what’s next in store for us.

We are looking for talented, innovative, and purpose-driven people to join our rapidly growing and diverse team. Our employees get to learn everyday, implement the latest technology and test and put their ideas into practice. Together, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core - for our people, customers, investors, society, and planet.

Lead Mechanical & Piping Engineer

As a Lead Mechanical and Piping Engineer in large-scale industrial projects, you will be interacting with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, including project managers, engineers, contractors and technicians. You will be leading a small team of experienced engineers and will be held accountable to the performance of the team. Effective communication will help you convey key mechanical engineering principles to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Integrity and courage are vital qualities in this role. It is essential to have the integrity to adhere to engineering standards and guidelines, even if it means challenging others or making unpopular decisions. Courage is necessary to speak up and raise concerns if you identify any issues or potential risks for the project which may impact on overall project value.

Furthermore, having a passion and commitment for successful project execution is essential. This should be a core value and a top priority for you and a dedication to collaborative working with multiple contractor companies and equipment suppliers to achieve our goals.

In summary, along with the technical qualifications and experience, possessing strong communication skills, being organized, having integrity and courage, and demonstrating passion and commitment are crucial attributes for success in this role.


Ensuring Design Compliance: It is your responsibility to ensure that the design of all mechanical equipment and piping complies with local and regional legislative requirements and is safe and reliable to operate. This involves working closely with the project's engineering contractors and equipment vendors to review and validate the safety aspects of the design.

Establishing Mechanical Equipment and Piping Standards: You will define mechanical engineering standards for the project, considering applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices. These standards will serve as guidelines for all project stakeholders, including the engineering team, contractors, and vendors. It is important to establish clear and comprehensive standards to ensure consistency across the project to achieve efficient construction and reliable operations.

Stakeholder Communication: A key aspect of your role is to ensure that all stakeholders, including the engineering team, contractors, vendors, and regulatory bodies, are aware of the technical requirements and standards. You will assess technical deviation requests and provide engineering judgement in the review of design deliverables..

By effectively carrying out these key responsibilities, you will contribute to the successful delivery of a safe and legally compliant asset that protects the well-being of workers and the surrounding community for years to come


- Engineering Degree, MSc, in a Relevant Discipline: The candidate should ideally have a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

- Solid Experience in Large-Scale Industrial Projects (steel, mining, pulp & paper, oil & gas etc.): The candidate should have at least ten years of experience working on large-scale industrial projects.

- Minimum Four Years in Lead Mechanical Engineering Role: Within their ten years of experience, the candidate should have spent a minimum of four years in a Lead engineering role. This means they have been responsible for ensuring the design compliance of projects and have gained hands-on experience in managing scopes through multiple stages of a large project.

- Experienced in the management of EPCm contractors and knowledge of engineering design processes and contractual obligations.

- Experience in working within process industries such as refining, hydrogen production or other facilities with significant process or utility piping scopes.

- The candidate should have broad experience of key engineering codes and standards including the Pressure Equipment directive and harmonized standards as well as the Machinery Directive and ASME/ASTM standards related to piping and mechanical equipment.

- In essence, the ideal candidate boasts a robust technical foundation, a profound grasp of mechanical principles and design methodologies, and a tangible understanding of the construction and operation aspects of large-scale industrial ventures.

What we can offer you

If you are passionate about making actual change and having a positive impact on society and our planet, H2 Green Steel offers a unique opportunity to be part of a fun and professional team with high ambitions.

You will get the opportunity to shape your future career together with a company focusing on creating a culture where everyone can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. In the end, we know that H2 Green Steel’s growth and success is dependent on our people and we can’t wait to shape the future of steelmaking and other industries together as a team.

Interested in joining H2 Green Steel, but find yourself not meeting every single requirement of this role?

Research shows that women and other under-represented groups within our industry hesitate to apply unless they tick most boxes of a role description. At H2 Green Steel, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core. We need a diverse, inclusive, and authentic team to rally behind our purpose of de-carbonizing hard-to-abate industries, starting with steel.

If you are equally passion...