Associate senior lecturer in robotics and AI

Associate senior lecturer in robotics and AI [OBS denna annons har utgått]

Annons: 28181768
Yrke: Universitets- och högskolelektor
Arbetsgivare: Luleå tekniska universitet
Arbetets ort: Luleå, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2023-11-23
Publiceringsdatum: 2023-10-25


Arbetslivserfarenhet: Universitets- och högskolelektor


Luleå University of Technology is in strong growth with world-leading competence in several research areas. We shape the future through innovative education and ground-breaking research results, and based on the Arctic region, we create global social benefit. Our scientific and artistic research and education are conducted in close collaboration with international, national and regional companies, public actors and leading universities. Luleå University of Technology has a total turnover of SEK 1.9 billion per year. We currently have 1,840 employees and 17,670 students.

In the coming years, multi-billion investments will be made in large projects in Northern Sweden to create a fossil-free society both nationally and globally. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these cutting-edge research projects and in the societal transformation that they entail. We offer a broad range of courses and study programmes to match the skills in demand. We hope that you will help us to build the sustainable companies and societies of the future.The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Subject at the department of Computer Science and Electrical and Space Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, is now looking for one Associate Senior Lecturer in a Tenure Track position contributing to our growing activities. The RAI team is conducting fundamental research in all the aspects of robotics with a specific focus on aerial, space and bioinspired robotics. Specific application areas of focus are robotics for mines, aerial inspection of aging infrastructure, multi-robotic search and rescue, musty sensorial fusion and multirobot coordination, including multirobot perception, decentralization, and mission execution. The RAI team has a strong European participation in multiple R&D&I projects, while RAI has participated in the DARPA SUB-T challenge with the CoSTAR Team lead by NASA/JPL.

The associate senior lecturer will be enrolled in a tenure track position in rai. As an associate senior lecturer, you participate in the development of teaching and research in the field of rai and in more specific the research topics for the announced position are focusing in the areas of autonomous robotics with an emphasis in the following areas:

Thematic area 1:

-                     multi-agent coordination

-                     event-driven control

-                     resource constrained control

-                     safe trajectory planning with control barrier functions

Thematic area 2:

-                     autonomous guidance for planetary landing

-                     space robotics autonomy

-                     motion planning and control for space robotic systems

-                     autopilot design for space applications

-                     optimal control for space applications

The position includes responsibilities for:

- Administrate and teach in courses delivered by the Control Engineering group at the first and second cycle level.

- Supervise Master and PhD students

- Grant Application for initiating new project-based research directions

The applicant is expected to participate in the group's joint development of the field of education and research, as well as collaborate in research groups both within the department, the university and with other universities, colleges and other external parties both nationally and worldwide.

Eligible to be hired as associate senior lecturer is the one who:

• Has completed a doctorate or have a foreign degree that is deemed to correspond to a doctorate.

In the first instance, it should be considered for employment that has completed a doctorate a maximum of five years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, the doctoral degree may have been passed earlier. By special reasons is meant leave due to illness, parental leave, clinical service, trust assignment, or similar circumstances.

Assessment Criteria
The following criteria are used for the position:

• Scientific Excellence in the specific research topics of the announced position
• Scientific Excellence in the general field of RAI
• Experience of leading research projects nationally, within the EU or similar ability
• Experience of teaching and educational education
• Documented experience of seeking funding
• Ability to interact and cooperate.

Period of employment
For this employment, an employment period of four years applies.

Promotion to senior lecturer
An assistant senior lecturer shall, upon application, be promoted to senior lecturer and a position until further notice. If the applicant is qualified for a position as senior lecturer and in an examination is deemed suitable for such a position, is determined in accordance with the assessment criteria set out below.

In the examination, it is required that the associate senior lecturer has completed higher education pedagogical education corresponding to 7.5 credits or has acquired corresponding knowledge in another way.

During the employment period, the associate senior lecturer must also independently, to a considerable extent and with high quality, contribute to the university's research and demonstrate good pedagogical skills.

Other grounds for assessment (weighted equally)

• Successful demonstration of granted research funding
• Scientific excellence and performance
• Teaching involvement and student evaluations

For further information, please contact Prof. George Nikolakopoulos

Union representatives:
SACO-S Christer Gardelli, 0920-49 1809
OFR-S Lars Frisk, 0920-49 1792

In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

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Closing date for applications: November 23, 2023
Reference number: 4513-2023