Mechanical Site Engineer (Mechanical Engineer)

Mechanical Site Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) [OBS denna annons har utgått]

Annons: 28546819
Yrke: Kontrollingenjör, maskin
Arbetsgivare: Gemkom Engineering & Machinery Filial
Arbetets ort: Boden, Norrbottens län
Senaste ansökningsdatum: 2024-04-06
Publiceringsdatum: 2024-02-21


H2GS AB will establish a new plant in Boden, Sweden for the production of green steel ("H2GS Project"). Gemkom Engineering and Machinery Filial is a leading contractor and shall carry out certain civil and installation works in the H2GS Project.

In this respect, we are looking for a Mechanical Site Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) to join our team in Boden, Sweden. The qualifications for the position and your job description are described below:


· Bachelor’s or higher degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related field of Engineering,

· Minimum 7 years of proven experience in planning, execution, and completion of mechanical projects,

· Experienced in project and site management in Steel Plant or Power & Heat, Oil & Gas or Petrochemical projects,

· Experienced in rotary and static equipment installation,vessel, storage tanks, conveyor, and steel construction works,

·Experienced in subcontractor and field team management,

· Advanced knowledge of industry standards and regulations (ASME, EN) related to mechanical works in industrial projects;

· Fluent in English,

· Strong communication skills both verbal and written, with the ability to collaborate effectively with clients and internal teams,

· Excellent report drafting skills,

· Strongleadership skills with the ability to effectively coordinate, motivate and inspire a team,

· Ability to work and lead well under pressure in a fast-paced work environment,

· Highly motivated and detail-oriented character without neither losing focus of the project goals nor the sight of the big picture.


· Being responsible for all mechanical works within the given scope,

· Management and administration of the field teams and subcontractors under charge,

· Regular reporting of mechanical works activities and work progress to the superiors and technical office,

· Daily tracking of labour-hour efficiency in mechanical works activities, with weekly reporting to the superiors and technical office,

· Checking materials before and during the installation/construction phase,

· Ensuring coordination of materials and applications,

· Supervising, monitoring and ensuring the mechanical works activities of subcontractors and field teams, are being done by the quality standards, regulations and production methods,

· Ensuring that subcontractors and field teams work by occupational safety rules during the installation/construction process,

· Tracking test and control points specified in the method statements for all mechanical and steel works activities within the given scope,

· Approval of the installation/construction made and reporting of non-conforming productions,

· Checking subcontractors’ quantity survey and progress payments reports.

Our headquarters are in Stockholm and the workplace is in Boden, Luleå. Applications must be submitted to the specified e-mail address.